Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Set 1

A tree in the rain
A happy couple taking a walk through town at sunset

Apple Tree as seen through a partially open window

An aquarium 

At a boring lecture

Set 2

Queen of the Cats

starry-eyed lovers

Garden Tangle 

Don't Step on the Butterflies...please!

 Little girl walking under the autumn trees..
(can you find her?)

Set 3 

Flowers floating in the pond

At the theater...waiting for the curtain to go up
A dragon fly flying over a woman's face

A butterfly  flying behind a lovely lady who
Is walking in her garden 

 Sleeping Beauty's castle

 Set 4

Pride of Autumn 

An X-Ray of a human head, who is
sticking out his/her tongue.  

 Two horses looking at the ground in front of mountains


  Angelica--an inspiring angel

 Fish in the ocean

 Insect in the sunset

 ancient creatures under the sea communicating 

A visitation from two happy creatures

 Reflection in a hand mirror

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Set 1

A bird flying over land and sea

A Hummingbird in a large flower 

Giant coming down the beanstalk
from the folktale Jack and the Beanstalk 

Two ladies looking into a valley at sunset;
one lady looking at the other two

need some help??

 A deserted tiny ocean island in the blue/green ocean

Set 2

 Closeup of the face of  a  moody lady

A Face in the Crowd

 Shark and some fish

 Sunrise over the mountain

Castle near a wood 

Set 3

 Susan's Aquarium

Autumn in a mystical forest

Birds in Conference

Two dragonflies at sunrise

Set 4

 The base of a tulip, seen from the side of a leaf

A butterfly on a yellow flower 

 A King looking into a reflecting pool

 Twins standing in their brightly painted room having
a discussion

The Orchestra Leader 

The Ghost of Christmas Present
from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

A Ghostly presence
A variation of the Ghost of Christmas Present 

A bison strolling in the moonlight

Set 5

A turtle in back of another turtle at nighttime

A man  from earlier centuries carrying buckets of
water on a pole as the storm clouds gather

An angel looking at a butterfly

A woman during ancient times walking
through a cave

Two people meeting on a mountain top 

A lady frog serving strawberry moose 

Best foot forward

Set 6

Jolly Clown 

A Camel at night in the desert 

 Owl in a tree

Trying to keep her face warm in a snow storm 

A bird bowing

A turtle walking slowly on a cloudy day