Tuesday, March 5, 2013

series 2

Set 1

My husband sees two fish in the sea.
I see two fish in the sea too!

 Camouflaged bird

Person looking out of a  car window

Rooster with a message

Set 2

Three men with bow ties

Thanksgiving Songs for Children: I Love Thanksgiving
by Susan Maskin,arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

Set 3

A girl taking a stroll underwater

 An ancient warrior..
He makes me a worrier!!


My husband sees a bird's face?
I see a dog's face?

My husband sees a dog's face?
I see a bird's face?

 Little girl with a big message 

Set 4

Man in a hat 


A "cuddly?" porcupine with mittens
sitting and waiting for winter to end

Twin cats 

Camel at midnight 

A hot summer afternoon on the grasslands

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